KestrelC256x256To put this post into context so you don’t think I’m slightly strange, I’ve been researching racist skinheads for one of my university projects. Before I started I didn’t realize just how many websites there are out there promoting racial hatred in such extreme ways.

Tonight, however, I stumbled on the website of one particularly extreme group and they shall remain nameless and unlinked because I don’t believe they deserve that promotion. Their website has a handbook that teaches them how to oppress “ZOGS” – in short-term, Jews.

They also target homosexuals, black people, foreigners – anyone that, to them, isn’t white or British. They also feature shrines to Hitler and constantly state that his words are what everybody should live by – yes, really. I read their “handbook” and just had to share their tips just because they’re so bloody ridiculous. Please note, these are not my views.

On getting “fit for battle” – Punchbags are cheap and, like coons, are easy to string up. Vitamin C from tablets or fruit will strengthen your immune system and help you to function when the weaklings in society are suffering from colds and flu and every passing virus.

On direct action – Direct action involves the disruption and elimination of all that is detrimental to our race. (So murder them, yeah?)

On social action – [covert teachers can] encourage [a pupil’s] freedom of thought especially on subjects such as the so-called “holocaust”. (So-called?! I must’ve misread the history books and ignored all the pictures of Jews in concentration camps then.)

On dealing with the police – If you were stopped and checked in the street then you could get away with a false name and D.O.B. The best way to behave is to play the role they expect of you. Be slightly in awe of them, willing, polite and slightly stupid. (And the police won’t be aware of your stupid little games?)

These are just a few points that stood out to me – I’m sure if you wanted to read the entire handbook you could find it on Google. Until then, I hope you share my views that these scumbags are not as honorable or worthy as they may think they are. And if you do agree with their thoughts, get the fuck off my blog.

Radical Forgiveness

Q: In this choppy economy I’ve had three jobs within the past two years. I do a good job and have a good attitude but it seems that wherever I go, my co-workers gang up on me and make my life miserable. I’m so angry with them for being such jerks that eventually I just leave. Why is this happening to me? Alix J.

A: First things first. Beating yourself up won’t improve the situation, so let’s focus on what you’re doing right.

Obviously, you’re beginning to recognize a pattern here, and that’s smart. Do you want to cut and run from every job you have for the rest of your life?

You need to begin to see the perfection in the situation. Questions like ‘Why are they so mean to me?’ or ‘Why is this happening to me?’ are standard victim mentality questions that will cause the situation to repeat ad nauseum until you ‘get it.’

As Atlantan Colin Tipping explains in his powerful Radical Forgiveness workshops and book, ‘When we see ourselves as victims, we think only about killing the messenger. We miss the message.’

You need to recognize that you are creating the situation in order to learn its deeper lessons, heal them and move on. Radical forgiveness involves a shift in perception. Tipping says that seen from the spiritual Big Picture, whatever occurs is meant to occur for your growth.
Shift Happens!

Your Higher Self called it forth, therefore nothing bad happened, so there is nothing to forgive. Tipping also explains that we can’t play God and pretend to understand the Big Picture. We simply aren’t spiritually evolved enough yet to know why our lives unfold the way they do, so asking the endless question ‘why?’ is simply a waste of energy.

Our task is to see that a lesson might exist and trust the process of releasing the energy (anger, fear, sadness, shame) around it, and then letting the spiritual wisdom flow. Then, Shift Happens!

In regard to employment and relationships, we’re often drawn to environments and people that help us relive family of origin issues. In your case, did your siblings reject you or bring you to the boiling point until you wanted to run and hide? How many times will you have to repeat this lesson in your adult life?

For example, my former client Marilyn worked in an international manufacturing company whose executives were mostly ex-military. Heading communications, she was one of the few women in management, and every department constantly dumped last-minute projects (always Top Priority) on her desk.

Although a very hard worker, she was always scrambling to meet their rigid standards and handle the sheer volume of work. The numerous last-minute miracles she pulled rarely seemed to be quite good enough.

Turns out she’d grown up among four brothers. Her very rigid father had been career military, a man for whom she was never able to perform quite up to standard. When I pointed out to her that she’d recreated her challenging childhood situation at her job, she was astounded!

Eventually, she realized she didn’t have to kill herself working for disapproving coworkers who would never think she was enough. Instead, she got new training and is far happier in her new position–and has time to enjoy her own family as well.

Gandhi said, ‘The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.’

She got the lesson, healed the situation through awareness, forgiveness, and acceptance, and moved on to a better life.

You can do it too.