gluten-free-sign-among-breadI can eat only gluten-free food! And it makes me crazy.  Thursday night and I am still continuing with my week of depression. By the end of today, I could barely get any work done and all I wanted to do was sleep.

So after my two-hour nap, I could barely raise my arms to reach my laptop that was on the coffee table. It was time to order dinner.

This is the point where my frustration comes in. I can’t eat any take out food! It’s my “never let me down go-to” and now all of the fun is gone… Yeah, I could order a gluten-free pizza, but I can’t have cheese, and it will take too much effort for me to call them.

I can’t have Chinese food because most of the toppings are based in soy sauce and it would be too tempting to order two orders of pork dumplings. The same goes for Thai or Japanese solely because the online menus are not descriptive enough and I don’t want to take any chances. By this point, I just want to give up and forget about eating altogether.

But I can’t skip a meal, I never could. I’ve always envied those people that could miss meals or completely forget about eating altogether. I find it fascinating and strangely disturbing. Are they really human? I would probably pass out if I ever missed a meal. The moment I get even an inkling of hunger, my body believes it’s going to starve to death if I don’t eat within the next 5 minutes.

So here I am, lying on the couch, starving to death, and it’s almost 8:00 pm. Now I have not choice but to get up and make myself something healthy to eat.

F**k you gluten and dairy! You take all of the fun out of depressive eating.

I think I should set up a Skype call with my Therapist….


Our flight was scheduled to leave at 8:04 am so ShuttleUSA (not the real name) suggested a 5:04 pickup. Not thrilled, but ok.

We didn’t get to sleep until around midnight. I woke myself up at 3 am then went back to sleep and got up for real around 3:45 am We were showered, dressed and ready to go around 4:50 am

5:04 a.m., no shuttle. 5:15 am, no shuttle. 5:20 am a call from ShuttleUSA that they would be there around 5:35 am… 5:40 am, no shuttle. I call and am told they are about 10 minutes away. I ask if we are the last stop and are told: “you should be one of the last.” Finally, at 5:55 am, we are picked up.

No apology. No explanation.

And TWO more stops scheduled. Still no apology.

On the way to stop number 3, our driver says “we’ll be there by 7 am” If you’ve flown before you know 1 hour is cutting it close. Even though I’d already checked us in we still needed our boarding pass, and then security. Plus we needed to grab some breakfast for our LONG flight.

So when our driver said “7 am” I repeated it with an obvious distressed tone. First, he stated, “that is why they suggest you schedule your pickup for 2 hours before your flight.” Yea, I get it. Mine was scheduled for 3 hours before! Then he asked if it was a domestic or international flight. When I said domestic he told me to stop worrying, it would be fine.

That was NOT his call to make! He was late. And he was jeopardizing my flight.

I wasn’t hysterical, but I was anxious. And I think I was right to be anxious!

When we finally arrived at the airport around 6:50 am, he then finally apologized … you know … in time to get a tip! Unfortunately, we had prepaid the tip when we booked. Will not do that again!

I am tempted to contact ShuttleUSA and tell them I am dissatisfied. I get that things happen. But I shouldn’t be dismissed as a hysterical girl. Would you complain? Would you ask for a refund?

I’ve used them before and been happy but this really turned me off to them. I’m using a shuttle service again in November and am not sure I will be using them again.