images-86Following the death of a relative, the reading of the will can offer a feeling of closure and leave a sense that you have been looked after posthumously. However, sometimes things do not run to plan and you can find yourself with either much less than you feel you deserve or in some cases left out of the will completely.

This can occasionally happen when the deceased has re-married and the children from a previous relationship or marriage have not been included in the will. In this case it would be possible to contest the will. Disputing a will is not an easy process but with expert help you can re-adjust the will to make sure everyone is given what they deserve.

Clearly this is not a straight forward chat over a cup of tea, but it is still important to make sure that the case is dealt with as carefully as possible as it is still a time when emotions will be running high.

According to the amount of wills that are being contested is on the increase. This is giving rise to a number of specialists who deal solely in will disputes. Of course there are many areas in which you can source information on the process of contesting a will but in the end you will need to seek professional advice as it is exceptionally complicated to deal with the legal matters.

If you feel that you need to seek advice with regards to starting a claim to dispute a will then you will need to act fairly quickly. Following the reading it is advisable that you spend the day allowing the emotions to settle and then if you are still unsatisfied look to seek advice from one of the main companies. They will be able to answer your questions and start the ball rolling.

Death Is Around Us

I’ve been going through a streak over the last few months… a death streak. It seems like many of my patients are dying – definitely more so than the other nurses I work with. If I had to guess, I would say I’ve dealt with approximately 10 deaths in the last few months, which is a very high number for one nurse in a surgical ICU.

Some of the situations/patients that stand out:

– the patient I previously wrote about who had HIV and passed away moments after his dog was placed at his side; whom he had been waiting for  (Emotional Strength)

– a women who didn’t fair well after a long and difficult surgery to repair two damaged heart valves; she never woke up after surgery. I took care of her on her 3rd day post-surgery; she was on maximum doses of all the medications that were keeping her heart going and was not breathing on her own (just through the ventilator).

When I came in to work that morning, her heart rate was dropping quickly. I placed a call to the surgeon to let him know that the patient wasn’t doing well.  He told me to get the husband there (which he already was) and that he was driving to the hospital now & his exact orders were “keep her alive until I get there”.

Keeping a person alive that is trying to die is a very difficult thing… I’m adjusting medications, pushing drugs, manipulating the external pacemaker, etc. The surgeon showed up after an hour, talked to the husband, and they decided to let her go when it was her time (although we did not technically withdraw any of the life support). And her time came quickly without all my interventions- within 10 minutes.