images-88I am online dating again.

Trust me, I’m not happy about it. I would much rather meet someone through friends or hell, I would even take meeting someone at a bar at this point. Anything to get me away from the crazies that seem to frequent the online sites.

I have had a few interesting prospects as well as my fair share of some creepy ones, but I thought I would share some of the more “creative” ones.

Note: Names have been changed, but otherwise all spelling and grammatical errors are their own.

“Hello, this Bob, I love your good looking, How I wish words could express the thoughts that I have towards you. If I should say I love you then the greater percent of my words are still unexpressed. But of course, I must say something. my heart beats for you, and my heart longs for you. Can we have a conversation on Viber, facebook or skype”

“I also think that you are incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful.

And, that even though I am sitting down, when I saw your eyes, my knees got weak.

I realize that I am not even close to being in your league, but you intrigued me so much that I wanted to take a chance and reach out to you. I would really enjoy getting to know about you. Why lose the chance to meet an incredible person?”

“Cat Cat I Cat thought Cat this Cat is Cat an Cat easy Cat way Cat to Cat say Cat Hi Cat to Cat you Cat………..Kevin here
Now read the above sentence without the word cat”
Caribbean Vacations

On to The Cayman Islands!

Grand Cayman Island

From our room at the Marriott Beach Resort on Grand Cayman Island, we could step outside and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this tropical garden and freshwater lagoon in the courtyard.

This is a view of the vast blue Caribbean as we walked through the courtyard gardens toward the beach. Neither Matthew or I had ever seen anything quite so beautiful as the Caribbean Sea.


Our day trip to Stingray City was nothing short of fabulous. Swimming and interacting with the stingrays and other marine life was a wondrous experience!
On to Mexico!

Mexico’s Riviera Maya

The Iberostar Paraiso del Mar is surrounded on three sides by a tropical forest.  The lobby opened into exquisite water gardens inhabited by a variety of tropical wildlife.

The swimming pool at the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar wound through the resort like a vast river.  The total area of the pool is almost a square mile and Matthew explored every inch of it.

Even more vast is the soft white sand of the beach and of course, the beautiful Caribbean Sea we have come to love.

Matthew’s vacation would not be complete without making a few new friends. Matthew adored the lovely Anna from Holland and never missed an opportunity to visit the ice cream bar with her!

Carlos who drove one of the trolleys at the resort wasn’t much older than Matthew. They became good friends during our stay and looked for each other every day. Carlos taught Matthew many Spanish words and phrases. In return, Matthew taught Carlos how to read the names of all controls in the American made Trolley.