download-42This month marks the fourth birthday of two of my favorite girls, Sookie and Pumpkin. These two little, or I should say, HUGE spoiled balls of fur, have truly been a godsend to me.

I adopted them when they were just a few months old. Though they don’t necessarily look alike, they are both from the same litter. I was really nervous about adopting one kitten let alone two, but their foster mother, who is a friend of mine, convinced me that the world would implode if they were ever separated.

I’m not going to lie, I often cursed my friend those first few months. They chewed on electrical cords, peed on my bed when I went on a two-week vacation, climbed curtains to death-defying heights (I had 12-foot ceilings), chased after bugs without thought of safety for themselves or the furniture, and they even peeled paint off of a closet door. Even though they drove me nuts, I couldn’t stay mad at them. I mean, did you not just look at that picture?

My tiny San Francisco apartment was their entire world for their first year, but the location of my job forced me to move to the suburbs. They didn’t adjust very well. Well, Sookie did. She is always the braver of the two and after about a week, she walked around like she owned the place.

Pumpkin, however, took a lot longer. It took about two weeks before she would come out from under the covers of the bed and another two weeks before she would venture out of the bedroom. It didn’t help that my apartment complex was under a constant state of construction for those first few months. It was a very trying time for us all.

Now, a few years in, they completely forgot about how I tore their lives apart and they love the apartment. The building is surrounded by trees, so they think they’ve moved to heaven with it’s endless supply of birds and squirrels and occasional peeks of sunlight to sleep in. They have also mellowed as they gotten older and they no longer peel paint, climb curtains, or chew cords.

I don’t even have to put a plastic sheet on my bed when I travel anymore. They have matured into well-adjusted, fat, happy cats. The one thing I do miss is that they don’t cuddle with each other like they used to. When they were kittens, they could not eat, sleep or poop without each other.

Now, it’s such a rare treat that I can’t help but squeal, “Oh look at you two!!!!”, to which I am awarded the two dirtiest looks that seem to say, “You just ruined a perfectly good moment. Good job, human.”

Not a day goes by where they do not make me smile or laugh. I need to have a lot of self control to not post their pictures every day, twenty times a day on Facebook or this blog. So in honor of their fourth birthday, I am going to list their five favorite things so you can get a flavor of their personalities.

Sookie’s List of Favorite Things

  • Plastic Bags – I don’t know what it is about plastic (i.e. shopping bags, bubble wrap, even the plastic that the toilet paper comes in). She has this incessant need to sit on it and lick it for what seems like hours. Luckily, she doesn’t have the desire to chew it, but that doesn’t stop me from being an overprotective mother.
  • Crinkle Balls – Sookie loves to play with and hunt crinkle balls. If I can’t find her, all I need to do is pick up a crinkle ball and viola!
  • Napping on the deck – See picture below.
  • Cuddling – This girl loves to cuddle, but she’s no lap cat. Sooke still cuddles like a kitten, which usually means she is sitting up on my chest, paws on each side of my neck, her head rammed underneath my chin all the while purring and drooling. This was cute when she was a kitten, but now, as a 12 pound cat, I think she is secretly trying to smother me to death.
  • Drinking water from the spout in the tub – Sookie LOVES running water from the spout. I will often find her sitting in the tub, patiently waiting for me to turn the water on. She won’t meow or purr to get my attention like her sister does. She just sits there…waiting. It’s kind of creepy.

Pumpkin’s List of Favorite Things

  • Fresh Laundry – I usually dump fresh clean laundry on the floor, just so I can see this look of contentment.
  • Sleeping on her human’s legs – If I am sitting on the couch, my lap is her territory and god forbid you should mess with her… or want to get up to pee.
  • Food – I swear Pumpkin was a dog in another life… or a junk food addict. Her favorites were Cool Ranch Doritos, Cheese-Its, and Ranch Dressing. Whenever I would snack on those, I would be forced to eat standing up in the kitchen, with her sitting in front of me, meowing non-stop. Doritos were her kryptonite though, she would literally sit up on her hind legs to beg. Now that we are all on a diet, she thinks that I am trying to starve her to death so any food that is left unattended will be inspected and tasted.
  • Sleeping on the deck – This has become a favorite pastime for them both. I think I need to buy a chair for myself now.
  • Cabinets and closets – Pumpkin loves cabinets and closets. As a kitten, I almost locked her in the refrigerator because she climbed in when I wasn’t looking, but yet, she doesn’t care for boxes. Go figure.