I think my gadget love is getting a bit too much. I mean, who needs three iPods? And why are they still there?

I’m not joking, I’ve got an iPod Shuffle (1st gen) which I only really use as an extra flash drive, an iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) for when I’m either walking the dog or out running and an iPod touch for my “main” music player, even though it’s mostly photos and apps on there and only about 10 GB music on there.

And guess what I’ve asked my mum to bring me back from Hong Kong next week? Yup, an unlocked iPhone. Not quite sure why I need both an iPhone and an iPod touch but I do really want the phone version. I’ve hovered between that and the HTC Touch HD phone for the past week, but the iPhone is winning at the moment.

Do you own multiple MP3/MP4 players? I can’t be the only person…can I?

It would appear that I’ve all but given up on my project 365. But, I am going to be doing something similar, but more of a project 52 if you will. I did start my 365 with the full intentions of completing it but with a change of job, my entire life has been consumed by Spar. Which is quite sad, really. I think now that I’ve settled in things will be a little less hectic though.

Hopefully, I’ll have lined up a photography/web design job from a member of my extended family who’ve just opened up their own hair salon. I’ve offered to do their website, advertising and such for them as they’ve not done anything to promote their new salon and it’s going to sink before it has the chance to get off the ground. Keep your fingers crossed that they take me up on the offer!

So, on that note…I’m off to get coding for another little project that I’ve got up my sleeve!


I wish my camera battery was charged so that I could take a photo of my desk at the moment. I’m surrounded by technology and none of them works 100%.

I’m surfing the ‘net at the moment on my mother’s computer, as it seems to be the only one picking up the wireless network in my house. Although it’s infected with so much spyware it’s unbelievable. I’ve warned her to keep AVG running at all times, to run a Spybot scan at least once a week and not download anything onto this laptop without at least checking with me first that it’s not going to corrupt her drives and programs.

Does she listen? No. I’ve spent 40 minutes removing silly little trial games, random chat and IM clients which she “can’t remember what it’s for and why I downloaded it“, re-installing AVG and attempting to install the drivers and suite for her new phone so that I can transfer all her contacts and music/photos onto her new phone (which she didn’t need, just wanted). I think I’m probably only about 30% though sorting all the problems on this one laptop.

And after this one’s fixed? I get to tackle mine. It won’t pick up the wireless network, at all. It’s worked since the day I got my laptop (just over a year ago) and as soon as my brother shows up to stay for 2 weeks and start playing about with the settings so he can play World Of Warcraft more effectively? Yup. Not one of the 4 computers in the house can connect to the internet except (funnily enough) the computer that he’s using that’s hotwired straight into the modem.

I’ve also got no less than 4 mobile phones on my desk. A broken Samsung that I’m trying to get a charger for off of eBay, 2 INQ phones which I’m installing software for on a laptop and a MacBook plus my own phone which is threatening to die on me, and my charger for that one is at the boyfriend’s house. Fantastic.

I think I might go hang myself using an old printer cable! When did I become unofficial tech support for the Gray household?