This is a question I have quietly (in my head) asked many people the last few years.  With the worldwide decline in the economy and the tremendous loss of material possessions.

Many people have been left “materially naked”.  Without these material things to cover ourselves, we have been left with the person in the mirror.  And for many, the person in the mirror is the person they most despise.  It was not until this massive worldwide loss of material possessions came about that many people realized how much “stock” they put into “things”.

It has become very apparent that as a society, we tend to define and value ourselves by “what we have”.  For me, I like things, but I am not attached to them.  If I have them… great, if I don’t fine.  If I have to get rid of something… I do and really do not think about how the next person views the disappearance of that material possession.  I am happy nonetheless.

So I ask you, “Are you truly happy no matter your material possessions?”  “Or does your happiness depend on your bank account?”  Also, take a look at all of your material possessions.  I mean it… take 15 minutes with a sticky pad and mark every item you own outright.

How much of it do you actually own?  How much of it was put on a credit card or payment plan that still has a balance due?  Do you own your car, your house, your sofa, your clothes?  You see, the last few years I have learned a tremendous amount about other people during my mentoring sessions.

Many people do not even own the shirt on their back… the credit card company owns it.  Our mindset is so materialistic and many of us do not even realize it.  We are caught in such a fog.

Let’s change our mindset! Do you think it is time to figure out a different way to live?  Do you think it is time to stop relying on credit?  Maybe a simpler way of life is the way to go.  Less stressful.  More rewarding.  Promotes more time for family.  Less time at the daily grind. And I got nominated!

Now for those of you who know me, you may say, but you have a tremendous house, you have staff, you have this and that… well, I also do not have debt.  I do not rely on credit.  I sleep peacefully at night.  And if I cannot afford something, I don’t buy it.  That mindset is what I am now putting into a training course to help other people regain some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

It is my goal to help as many people as I can change their mindset to value one another instead of “things”.    Together we will rebuild and become financially sound.

How are you blossoming today?