If you are waiting for the schools to break up and are trying to work out ways to keep the teenagers and younger kids amused its time to think outside the box. My last posts all addressed the profession of a phlebotomist but now, the vacation is waiting and school is over (for now, at least). So it’s high time to switch my attention from schooling to some summer fun!

Are you in the mood for adventure? Do you feel the need to explore or try something new for a change? If you are you can bet your children are too.

What you need is a holiday with a difference. Forget your usual trip to the beach or your tried and tested hotel in South Carolina or Florida. There are incredible activities out there that will satisfy your desire for the unusual and provide you with happy memories and experiences to share with your friends and family for years to come.

Paintballing Warfare

Paintball is a heap of fun for the family and it is also very cheap. There are paintballing companies all over that will provide you with everything you need for some colorful war games with your family and friends. You get a great adrenaline rush and can really lose yourself in the activity whether you go out guns blazing or prefer to operate in stealth mode.

Learn to Ride the Waves

Surfing is a great sport that attracts even the least active in the family. Surfing has a cool vibe around it as it gives the rider the chance to take in nature and learn a new skill, it’s also great exercise for the legs and bum. As the planet is 70 percent water it makes sense to learn how to harness the power of waves and get a huge adrenaline rush in the process. There are hundreds of surf schools out there that are professionally trained to get you and your family standing up on the board and enjoying the ultimate natural high.

Ride the Sands!

Sandboarding is very easy and it can be done at any beach with a little hill. All you need is a board and the desire to ride down the hill. You can buy or hire sand boards or use a snowboard if you have one at hand. It is cheap as you can do the sport anywhere you like and you don’t even need a board a firm piece of cardboard or a dinner tray will do the trick. Now, this is something different than writing about how to become a phlebotomy professional!

Head Out and Tour the Countryside

Ask someone to water your plants and feed the cats and pack up some clothes and a sleeping bag and head out on a road trip. You can discover parts of the country you never knew existed. Pick a direction and see what you can find. This really makes me happy! If you don’t want to worry about where you will sleep at night consider Land Rover Hire with safari tents so you can drive in the day and sleep protected on the roof at night. Its a great alternative to a trailer tent or camper van.

Exploring the alternative activities in your area and going beyond your own boarders will provide you with multiple opportunities to have fun. Don’t get bored this summer or have to deal with bickering teenagers day in and day out. Get out there, get active and have a ball, and if you can make it over to Europe, don’t forget to check out the beautiful Belgian city of Antwerp.

So long for now, but I’ll be back soon with (maybe) some more exciting holiday ideas or more advice on how to map your career path cleverly. But probably, that will have to wait till after the summer break.