maxresdefault-10Europe has so many vacation hotspots you could spend years getting to them all and Antwerp is no exception to the splendor.  Read on to learn the many ways to enjoy Belgium. 

Now what are the exciting things that you could do when you find yourself in a city that looks like a museum itself? Then read on as I show you around and share with you the things that you could do to have fun while you’re in Antwerp, Belgium.

This city is dubbed as the Diamond City because the world’s most massive diamond-cutting industry can be found here. These precious stones are created discreetly among the Jewish neighborhood. So if you are planning the perfect engagement and wedding ring for your fiance, then come here and ready your money for some authentic diamond ring shopping!

And speaking of shopping, there are thousands of stores to visit such as their antique shops and even their exclusive chocolate outlets. If you are a huge fan of shopping, then this is the place that you should visit because you won’t even feel tired at all! The local’s lifestyle here is to actually spend their cash for fun, hence the trade of diamonds in this town is so massive!

Now if you think that New York and Paris are the only cities known for fashion and style, then reading this article will let you know that Antwerp is actually a hub for fashionistas and designers which is one of the reasons why shopping for clothes here is definitely enthralling. Antwerp is proud to say that its city is home to many world-class fashion designers and fashion boutiques. So for those who live and breathe the idea that everything must be beautiful, I’m sure that you will be able to relate well in this town.

Antwerp is also known for its beautiful and historical architectural building as I have mentioned a while ago. If you are a budding architect, I’m sure that this city is going to give you a massive inspiration if you’re planning to design a skyscraper under your name.

Now let’s talk about their nightlife. I can guarantee you that there’s no way that you will be bored spending the evening in Antwerp. If you are a huge partygoer, then you will definitely appreciate the colorful bars that they have and the people that you’ll be mingling with. Groove to the music of this city along with their locals who takes parties seriously. Visit Club Extravaganza and dance the night away with the people who are rich in culture and in arts.

Antwerp is a city that looks like an old painting that came to life. It’s a living art that everybody should witness and must learn to appreciate. The people here embrace art with their amazing galleries. You will see the depth of their appreciation for visual arts with their respect for their artists.

One of the great pieces of art that you should witness is the former house of Pieter Paul Rubens who is Northern Europe’s greatest known baroque artist. The place is called Rubenshuis. You will see how he has lived and breathed art inside the comfort of his shelter through its interiors. After taking a trip inside his marvelous house and studio, chance upon walking down the streets to actually see some of his professional work done in churches and museums of Antwerp.

Another place to visit here has to be the Antwerp Zoo where you can see about 6,000 animals! It is also known as the oldest zoo in the world since it was founded back in 1843. So if you are an animal lover, this is the part of the trip that you shouldn’t dare miss.

The locals’ majority speaks in Dutch so it’s going to be pretty easy if you have studied their language but not to worry because they also know how to speak English.

You might see this place as an old city but don’t be deceived by its outward infrastructures because the modern life is pretty much alive here as well especially when it comes to fashion and clothing. If you’re thinking of the next city to visit, then Antwerp should be part of your travel agenda!