You’ll be very excited when job headhunters call you for a job interview IF getting a ‘better’ job is your goal. After going through a series of questions and tests and often more interviews, you’ll feel even better (maybe even ecstatic..) when you are finally selected from amongst one thousand other candidates!

Studies show that only less than one-third of all students will actually work in the profession that they were trained for in college. Check out the following video that addresses the reason for this. The video is a TEDxUTM video in which Fang Kai Low talks about his work in Headhunting and how to find your true calling:

You Must Be Very Good…

You must be very good at what you do if job headhunters look for you. You must have very special qualities (qualifications, experience, achievements, skillsets) that caught the attention of job headhunters from among the thousands of others in their databases.

Behind the scene, there’s an organization that is willing to pay these job headhunters a month’s salary (or more) to hunt the ideal candidate for a particular position. Often, the organization also pays the travel and accommodation bills for the handful of headhunted candidates.