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Boston: Reclaimed

My trip to Boston was awesome….


Here are the highlights:

  • I got to reconnect with my dear old friend J. We talked so much that weekend that by the end of every day my throat hurt. J… we have to talk more… Once a year isn’t cutting it anymore and now that a Facebook quiz told you that you are meant to be a Californian AND we don’t have snow… I don’t see that you have any other option.

How To Reclaim Your Identity after A Big Change


shrm_volunteer_logoAbout a year after my divorce, my Ex announced that he was moving back to the East Coast and I was a mix of emotions… relief, sadness, fear and even excitement.

A major chapter of my life was coming to a close, but I had good friends, a really great job. As messed up as our relationship was, I was losing my best friend of 10 years. See… we had tried to do the “friend” thing after our divorce, but it failed miserably. The more time and distance I had from him, the more I wanted him out of my life. So his move was a really a blessing.