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Food Intolerances 1, Me 0


passionI learned a big important lesson the hard way last weekend. A word of caution: I will be a little graphic so if you are eating, it may be wise to move on.

Living a Gluten-Free lifestyle is surprisingly easy… if you never eat out, travel or cook all of your meals from scratch.

And I found myself in a good rhythm these past few months between work, home, and even those rare occasions when I was able to eat out at a restaurant. Cue traveling…

I had a good experience with my last trip to Philly and Boston. I was with a fellow Gluten-Freer, who I learned a lot from, and my sister, always the gracious host, made sure that I everything I needed. So I never had to worry.

But this past trip, I messed up big time and I have no one to blame but myself.

What do I do?


depression3This week, the plan was to share one of my many dating stories. I thought it was about time I interjected some humor into this blog, but as you will see, the universe had other plans…

I had another blog titled “A Casualty of Dating” that lasted from 2012 to 2014. Wait! Don’t bother looking it up! I took it down right around the time I slid into my dark cocoon of depression in 2014.

Prior to “the dark time,” I was having a blast being a single girl about town. I was going out all of the time, meeting people, making friends, traveling, and dating (not a lot, but enough to have accumulated my own arsenal of stories).