Exercising never made me happy and I can’t say I had the best role models for that growing up.

I grew up in the suburbs of Philly during the 80’s. “Working out” was how many times you lifted a to your mouth or how many times you pounded out pizza dough. Living in California for as long as I have, it becomes a part of your daily life (or else you get kicked out of the state… Nah, I’m kidding… Sort of), but it still didn’t make me happy.

Friends and experts on the Internet told me that I needed to find something that I liked. So I tried lots of things like running, hiking, swimming, belly dancing, cardio machines, Pilates, Yoga, Salsa, and even walking.

I learned that I hated to run, but I liked everything else, just not enough to develop into a routine. I even poured money into a personal trainer and all I got out of it was a bruised shoulder on my first session. I never went back.