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Oops…Did I just catch you thinking small?

web-designI recently ran into a young gentleman who told me he was going to start a website design business.

“Who is your business going to serve?” I asked him. “Local business owners,” he replied. “Have you ever thought about serving business owners across the world?” I asked him “No,” he said.

How To Deal With Negative People

I used to deal with negative people on a daily basis and it was physically and mentally exhausting.

When-cut-the-negative-people-out-of-your-life-256x256My experience was very similar to the writer of this article, but instead of one person, I found myself surrounded by negativity from multiple people. My solution? I removed myself from the situation as quickly as I could.

I wish I had this article back then because it could have been very useful in helping me cope with the daily mess that I was subjected to, but hey, it’s done. I’ve learned A LOT and moved on.

I don’t even want to write about my experience, that’s how much I want to put it behind me.