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Do You Know How to Be Truly Happy?


beautiful girl enjoying the summer sun outdoors in the park

This is a question I have quietly (in my head) asked many people the last few years.  With the worldwide decline in the economy and the tremendous loss of material possessions.

Many people have been left “materially naked”.  Without these material things to cover ourselves, we have been left with the person in the mirror.  And for many, the person in the mirror is the person they most despise.  It was not until this massive worldwide loss of material possessions came about that may people realized how much “stock” they put into “things”.

Fun Ideas to put into Playgrounds

excellence-private-education-2015Over a century ago German schools introduced playgrounds into their teaching environments as a way for children to learn good manners and a sense of fair play.

Then a little later an American psychologist named Stanley Hall published a book about a pile of sand and it soon became apparent that children on every continent could benefit from a recreational environment for many reasons, both mentally and physically.

Children of Every Age Love Stimulation

These days there are some wonderful innovative ideas that put the fun back into playgrounds. From themed recreational equipment to adventure playgrounds and blue foam building blocks that children can use to build their own recreational areas, recreational areas do not have to be boring any more.