Lady Of The Lake

The sun is setting over Lake Titicaca, turning the sky several spectacular hues of crimson and gold. Perched high above the bay amidst some bizarrely hewn rocks-the ruins of an Inca astrological site-I’m taking part in an Andean Pachamama ceremony, offering gifts of coca leaves to the omniscient Earth Mother and protector. The typical traveler who’s been seduced by the cosmic vibe of the place where-according to Inca legend-the sun and the moon were born, I’m hoping for some kind of meaningful, spiritual experience.

My friendly local guide, Ramón, is missing a few teeth but full of engaging facts about traditional practices. As we meditate over an assortment of symbolically shaped sugar tablets, then set them alight, I do my best to feel connected to the energies of the awe-inspiring surroundings. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to calm my anxiously whirring mind, which is wondering what the hell I’m doing up a Bolivian mountain at night, alone with a strange man. Earlier, I mentioned my plans to the owners of my hostel, who said they knew Ramón, but now the paranoia is fighting for space with the desire to be profoundly moved.

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Stories About Customer Service in Japan

download-17Did you know that McDonald’s in Japan offers a “smile” on the menu? It is a real smile for free. On the menu board, it clearly says, “Smile….0” in Japan. You can see this sign at any McDonald’s restaurant in Japan. Therefore if you have a chance to eat at McDonald’s in Japan, you should ask them, “Can I have a smile?” I am sure they would give you a big smile. To my surprise, however, I learned that there is no such a thing in the U.S.A. I think this difference is based on cultures.

I don’t know if you remember my article “Something about bee,” that I wrote last year. When I went to buy medicine for a bee-sting, the sales lady said, “we have some products to offer, but they don’t really work that well”. Though my bee sting was very painful and I needed immediate relief, I was very impressed by her honesty and I recognized the differences between cultures on that day. It has been my experience that some salespeople in [the USA] don’t try to sell the products that they don’t believe work well. I feel that they are very honest. On the other hand, Japanese salespeople will sell anything they have in order to make a profit. This may be one of the reasons why Japan is criticized as an “Economic Animal.”

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Criticism and Staying Motivated To Study

memeMy nephew decided finally to get his GED certificate so when I just read an article about some online GED programs, I told him about it. And you know what he said? “I don’t need it”, “I can learn by myself”, “” It’s just not really my thing.”. It made me so angry but then I realized he is afraid of being criticized for his lack of educational achievements.

Criticism comes in all forms – “I’ve seen better.” “I don’t get it. “No offense, but…” “If you just changed this one little thing, it would work.” Criticism can be helpful or devastating depending on who and where it’s coming from. Don’t ignore the critics – but understand that critics will offer up criticism for a variety of reasons:

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Have We Been Looking for Love and Security In All The Wrong Places?

635992684287669698-949566323_strong-independent-womenYou are an independent woman. You have a successful job that others would kill for; you have a fabulous home and supportive girlfriends. You are the personification of the perfect 21st century woman, yet you can’t shake the feeling:  your life is incomplete. Why?

Women have a natural desire to feel secure. We want unconditional love without judgment or criticism. We long for affection and affirmation. We want to feel protected and be financially stable.

There is nothing wrong with these desires.

Somehow we allow our self-worth to be determined by whether or not we’re in a relationship, and unfortunately, a lot of women look to the opposite sex in search of this false sense of security.   Feeling lonely, we force ourselves into unhealthy  relationships.  Fear of being alone can cause a woman to make foolish choices. Many will fight to keep a man close even when it’s obvious to everyone around her he needs to be let go.

The first mistake is allowing a sense of self-worth to be determined upon another human being. Our opinion of ourselves should not be generated by the love of a man, but rather, derived from the love of the Son of Man. Our value has been set by the Creator! We deserve good things because God has justified us. We are free to love the person God created us to be, just as we are, without any outside influences.

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Time Management – How Are You Doing?

Everyday we manage multiple responsibilities, some of us excel at taking care of the details and thrive in such an environment. While others struggle trying to keep track of the details and truthfully dread having to do any kind of follow up.

As an Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant I often find myself in the position of managing many aspects of my clients business, especially coordinating and following up with other freelancers and outsources that my client has on their virtual team.Time-Management-icon

That’s the fantastic thing of being an Online Business Manager I can directly support my clients in getting more things done, but taking care of all of the administrative aspects of their business and let my client focus on what they do best and what brings in the revenue for them.

So when I step into the role of managing my clients virtual teams I often try and follow these tips to keep things on track focused on the projects at hand.


Whenever a new team member is brought on board or we are about to start a new project I take time to ensure that everyone understands their role and their work within the project scope.  Sometimes this is just a quick email to the team or if it’s more elaborate I might organize a team meeting or individual meetings to cover objectives and roles.

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Words Of Wisdom – Or Not?

To put this post into context so you don’t think I’m slightly strange, I’ve been researching racist skinheads for one of my university projects. Before I started I didn’t realize just how many websites there are out there promoting racial hatred in such extreme ways. Tonight, however, I stumbled on the KestrelC256x256website of one particularly extreme group and they shall remain nameless and unlinked because I don’t believe they deserve that promotion. Their website has a handbook that teaches them how to oppress “ZOGS” – in short term, Jews.

They also target homosexuals, black people, foreigners – anyone that, to them, isn’t white or British. They also feature shrines to Hitler and constantly state that his words are what everybody should live by – yes, really. I read their “handbook” and just had to share their tips just because they’re so bloody ridiculous. Please note, these are not  by views. Continue reading

Are Job Headhunters Looking for You?

adeleYou’ll be very excited when job headhunters call you for a job interview IF getting a ‘better’ job is your goal. After going through a series of questions and tests and often more interviews, you’ll feel even better (maybe even ecstatic..) when you are finally selected from amongst one thousand other candidates!

You Must Be Very Good…

You must be very good at what you do if job headhunters look for you. You must have very special qualities (qualifications, experience, achievements, skillsets) that caught the attention of job head hunters from among the thousands of others in their databases.

Behind the scene, there’s an organization that is willing to pay these job headhunters a month’s salary (or more) to hunt the ideal candidate for a particular position. Often, the organization also pays the travel and accommodation bills for the handful of headhunted candidates. Continue reading

How Big Are The 2014 GED Test Changes Really?

In this post I talk about the changes in the GED that became effective in 2014.

download 7Most significant changes: Computer-based, Affordability, Non-transferable credits, Difficulty.

In most states, the General Education Development (GED) examination was changed in 2014 and learners who have not completed the full examination by the end of this year, will see their scores not transferable any more. Roughly once every 10 years, the GED exam is updated because it is a high school equivalency test. That implies that the GED test-takers must meet up with the identical educative specifications as high school graduates would. Therefore it is a natural fact that the GED examination is changing according to high school curricula. Check also information about online GED prep scholarships.

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Tips for Career Change – the YOU Factor

A-Career-Change-1These tips for career change are all about YOU – because all changes in life require adjustments on your part.

ABOUT YOURSELF:  How old are you? Tip 1: Your age does not matter. It is your ambition, determination and drive that matters.

ARE YOU IN GOOD HEALTH?  Tip 2: Starting a new career requires lots of effort on your part. If you’re weak and often sick you may not have the stamina to start one. Your ability to concentrate and focus on ideas to develop into a business may be compromised. The basics of good health are to watch your diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly.

WHAT ARE YOUR SUCCESSES? Tip 3: Look back at your past. Did you finish your high school education? Your university education? Did you excel in any sports? Were you given new assignments or responsibilities in your job because you were good at what you did? Did you get any promotions, pay rises and bonuses due to job excellence? Do you have a happy marriage and family?

WHAT ARE YOUR FAILURES? Tip 4: Your failures are those questions in Tip 3 above which you answered ‘no’.

More tips for career change… ABOUT YOUR JOB: How long have you been working in your current job?

Tip 5: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your current job. What matters is whether you have ‘enough’ Assets and Skillset to start your parallel career while still working.

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