12 Natural Wonders You Must See Before You Die

Whether you are seeking a gap year destination or something off the beaten path, here are 12 natural wonders you must see before you die. 

When we speak of wonders of the world, one’s mind travels to the Taj, or the Pyramid of Giza. These are man-made wonders; glorious and definitely must-see, but the natural world holds greater wonders than man will ever be able to create. Here are 12 such natural wonders you absolutely, simply must see before you pass on.

1.   Aurora

Aurora is a brilliant, natural display of colored lights that are created when electrically charged particles collide in the ionosphere, directed by the Earth’s magnetic field. This effect is called Aurora Borealis in the northern latitudes and as Aurora Australis in southern latitudes. These lights were named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora. You can see these lights from high locations in Alaska, Sweden, Antarctica and south of Madagascar and north of Australia.

2.   Aldabra

The Aldabra coral atoll is the second largest in the world, situated in the Aldabra Group of islands that’s part of the Seychelles on the Indian Ocean. This beautiful coral atoll is a designated a World Heritage Site and is preserved for its beauty and amazing animals, such as the Aldabra Giant Tortoise. The world’s largest land crab, the Coconut Crab also lives there, apart from manta rays, hammerhead sharks, green turtles, hawksbill turtles and barracuda. Continue reading

A Rough Guide to Antwerp

Europe has so many vacation hotspots you could spend years getting to them all and Antwerp is no exception to the splendor.  Read on to learn the many ways to enjoy Belgium. Now what are the exciting things that you could do when you find yourself in a city that looks like a museum itself? Then read on as I show you around and share with you the things that you could do to have fun while you’re in Antwerp, Belgium.

This city is dubbed as the Diamond City because the world’s most massive diamond-cutting industry can be found here. These precious stones are created discreetly among the Jewish neighborhood. So if you are planning the perfect engagement and wedding ring for your fiancé, then come here and ready your money for some authentic diamond ring shopping!

And speaking of shopping, there are thousands of stores to visit such as their antique shops and even their exclusive chocolate outlets. If you are a huge fan of shopping, then this is the place that you should visit because you won’t even feel tired at all! The local’s lifestyle here is to actually spend their cash for fun, hence the trade of diamonds in this town being so massive!

Now if you think that New York and Paris are the only cities known for fashion and style, then reading this article will let you know that Antwerp is actually a hub for fashionistas and designers which is one of the reasons why shopping for clothes here is definitely enthralling. Antwerp is proud to say that its city is home for many world-class fashion designers and fashion boutiques. So for those who live and breathe the idea that everything must be beautiful, I’m sure that you will be able to relate well in this town. Continue reading

Alternative Activity Ideas for the Summer

If you are waiting for the schools to break up and are trying to work out ways to keep the teenagers and younger kids amused its time to think outside the box. Are you in the mood for adventure? Do you feel the need to explore or try something new for a change? If you are you can bet your children are too.

What you need is a holiday with a difference. Forget your usual trip to the beach or your tried and tested hotel in Spain. There are incredible activities out there that will satisfy your desire for the unusual and provide you with happy memories and experiences to share with your friends and family for years to come.

Paintballing Warfare

Paintball is a heap of fun for the family and it is also very cheap. There are paintballing companies all over that will provide you with everything you need for some colourful war games with your family and friends. You get a great adrenaline rush and can really lose yourself in the activity whether you go out guns blazing or prefer to operate in stealth mode.

Learn to Ride the Waves

Surfing is a great sport that attracts even the least active in the family. Suring has a cool vibe around it as it gives the rider the chance to take in nature and learn a new skill, its also great exercise for the legs and bum. As the planet is 70 percent water it makes sense to learn how to harness the power of waves and get a huge adrenaline rush in the process. There are hundreds of surf schools out there that are professionally trained to get you and your family standing up on the board and enjoying the ultimate natural high. Continue reading

Are You a “Busy Beaver”?

When I was growing up my church had a saying on the wall in the entry way, “If You Are Too Busy, Then You Are Too Busy”.  I never quite understood what that meant as a child.  I mean it just didn’t make much sense to me.  However, after several years of being in business for myself, I began to get people coming to me asking if they could work for me or work with me… when the opportunity arose I would give some people that chance they had been pressing me about… And believe it or not, more times than not once I opened up the opportunity I saw dismal performance, constant excuses, people wanting to be handheld… it was demoralizing for me.  You see, I am not in any way, shape or form a micro-manager.  If you work with or for me, I assume you are competent in your field.  Well, I soon learned my problem as a young, naïve entrepreneur… I was choosing people with an “employee” mindset and not people with an “entrepreneurial” mindset.  It was at that time I really started thinking about that phrase that was on my old church’s wall… “If You Are Too Busy, Then You Are Too Busy”.  To busy for success, to busy to accomplish your goals… just too busy. Continue reading

Do You Know How to Be Truly Happy?

This is a question I have quietly (in my head) asked many people the last few years.  With the worldwide decline in the economy and the tremendous loss of material possessions.  Many people have been left “materially naked”.  Without these material things to cover ourselves, we have been left with the person in the mirror.  And for many, the person in the mirror is the person they most despise.  It was not until this massive worldwide loss of material possessions came about that may people realized how much “stock” they put into “things”.

It has become very apparent that as a society, we tend to define and value ourselves by “what we have”.  For me, I like things, but I am not attached to them.  If I have them… great, if I don’t fine.  If I have to get rid of something… I do and really do not think about how the next person views the disappearance of that material possession.  I am happy nonetheless. Continue reading

Fun Ideas to put into Playgrounds

Over a century ago German schools introduced playgrounds into their teaching environments as a way for children to learn good manners and a sense of fair play. Then a little later an American psychologist named Stanley Hall published a book about a pile of sand and it soon became apparent that children on every continent could benefit from a recreational environment for many reasons, both mentally and physically.

Children of Every Age Love Stimulation

These days there are some wonderful innovative ideas that put the fun back into playgrounds. From themed recreational equipment to adventure playgrounds and blue foam building blocks that children can use to build their own recreational areas, recreational areas do not have to be boring any more. Younger children can really let their imaginations run wild; they become resourceful, cooperative and intent on their playground projects because they look forward to being out there playing in them.

Older children often consider the school playground to be for the younger kids only. However, playground concepts have changed over the last few years. Teenagers can benefit from recreational areas specifically designed to suit their often difficult needs. With this said, outdoor gym equipment can get teenagers outside again and it gets them exercising. The added bonus being that students can use top quality fitness equipment free of charge. Continue reading

Seeking closure after the death of a friend or relative

Following the death of a relative, the reading of the will can offer a feeling of closure and leave a sense that you have been looked after posthumously. However, sometimes things do not run to plan and you can find yourself with either much less than you feel you deserve or in some cases left out of the will completely.

This can occasionally happen when the deceased has re-married and the children from a previous relationship or marriage have not been included in the will. In this case it would be possible to contest the will. Disputing a will is not an easy process but with expert help you can re-adjust the will to make sure everyone is given what they deserve.

Clearly this is not a straight forward chat over a cup of tea, but it is still important to make sure that the case is dealt with as carefully as possible as it is still a time when emotions will be running high.

According to DisputingWills.co.uk the amount of wills that are being contested is on the increase. This is giving rise to a number of specialists who deal solely in will disputes. Of course there are many areas in which you can source information on the process of contesting a will but in the end you will need to seek professional advice as it is exceptionally complicated to deal with the legal matters.

If you feel that you need to seek advice with regards to starting a claim to dispute a will then you will need to act fairly quickly. Following the reading it is advisable that you spend the day allowing the emotions to settle and then if you are still unsatisfied look to seek advice from one of the main companies. They will be able to answer your questions and start the ball rolling.